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Article:Online assignment #1 - Spring 2005 Session

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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Mon 18 Apr, 2005 10:12 pm Post title: Online assignment #1 - Spring 2005 Session
the question for the padmakosha class was what characterizes a jatiswara?
here is my answer : )

A jatiswara is a type of dance that does not have a text, or sahitya. It is a Nritta, or pure dan ...
Article:Online assignment #3

Comments: 4
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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Fri 12 Nov, 2004 11:50 pm Post title: elements of adavu
from what i know, the four lakshanas are:
chari: basic leg movement... tattu, metu, natu, katu, egaru
sthanaka: basic posture.. ardhamandali, samapada
nritta hasta: hand gestures... pataka, tripata ...
Article:Adavu - Assignment #2

Comments: 5
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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Wed 03 Nov, 2004 7:49 pm Post title: what is anga shuddhi
sorry for my late reply,

anga shuddhi has to do with the precision of a dance item and how it is presented. the lines, perfection and strength of the mudras and feet all show good anga shuddhi. by ...
Article:Alcheminement - The Creative Process

Comments: 14
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PostTheme > Subject:Mapping the Choreographic Landscape Posted: Mon 25 Oct, 2004 9:50 pm Post title: Alcheminement - The Creative Process
First of all, the performance of Alcheminement showed me how a traditional dance style could be choreographed in a different way such as this. I feel so lucky to be a part of Kala Bharati and to, not ...
Article:End of Session Presentation

Comments: 3
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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Wed 28 Jul, 2004 9:44 pm Post title: End of Session Presentation
I really enjoyed the end of session presentation. To tell the truth, before we began with the theme of Abhinaya, I liked pure dances rather than emoting and performing pieces using abhinaya in front ...
Article:Alexandra Van Veeran's Ranga Pravesh

Comments: 8
Views: 11563

PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Tue 22 Jun, 2004 7:09 pm Post title: Sacha didi's Ranga Pravesh
i totally agree with every comment made above about the Ranga Pravesh. Sacha didi showed in her performance all the hard work she put in for her special day, and she definately made me feel like also ...
Article:What is Bharatanatyam

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PostTheme > Subject:The Bharata Natya tradition Posted: Fri 16 Jan, 2004 9:34 pm Post title: What is Bharatanatyam
This article made me realize how Bharatanatya may be mispercieved in many ways, and should be known more around the world. It explained very clearly all about Bharatanatya, for those who may not know. ...
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