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Article:Online assignment #1 - Spring 2005 Session

Comments: 8
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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Fri 08 Apr, 2005 8:59 am Post title: Re: Online assignment #1 - Mukula
Hi Sacha didi/Jaya didi,

The answer to the online question is -

Rhythm helps the dancer stay on beat and helps the dancer keep her kaala pramaana.


Hello everyone,
As part of ...
Article:Mapping the choreographic landscape

Comments: 3
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PostTheme > Subject:Mapping the Choreographic Landscape Posted: Sat 16 Oct, 2004 5:38 pm Post title: Mapping the choreographic landscape
I thought it was very strong and memorable. It was very much as if the dancer was in the battlefield. It felt very different compared to Bharata Natyam dance. It had more emotion and the steps and mov ...
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