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Article:Online assignment #1 - Spring 2005 Session

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PostTheme > Subject:Kala Bharati Dance School notices Posted: Thu 07 Apr, 2005 5:45 pm Post title: Online assignment #1 - Spring 2005 Session
"What characterizes a jatiswara?"
Answer: I think the different jatis in various talas characterize a jatiswara.

What role does rhythm play in dance?"
Answer: I think that all dances have rhythm ...
Article:Alcheminement - The Creative Process

Comments: 14
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PostTheme > Subject:Mapping the Choreographic Landscape Posted: Mon 18 Oct, 2004 8:14 pm Post title: Alcheminement - The Creative Process
I would like to congratulate NANDAN for the great piece that was performed.

Nanditadidi's dance was great. It was very attracting because it is very different from Bharata Natya dance. The expressi ...
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