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Tradition and beyond
by Dr. Mamata Niyogi-Nakra

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PostPost title: Tradition and beyond
Posted: Sun 18 Jan, 2004 8:38 am
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Tradition and beyond

a) What is Bharata Natya?

This project will aim to define the Bharata Natya tradition. Based on an article by Dr Pattabhiraman ex-editor of Sruti, the parameters and the various points of view presented on the subject will be put together. This will be done with a special focus on the current practices taking into consideration the evolution in this Margam based art form, during the period growth of Bharata Natya in the 20th century with its spread outside the shores of its home soil.

b) Database for texts of Bharata Natya repertoire

The project involves documentation of various texts for Shabda-s, Varna-s, Pada-s, Stotra-s Stuti-s, Bhajans the Kala Bharati repertoire as well as other well known ones which are performed by Bharata Natya dancers. This will include the lyrics and their meanings with details related to the authors as well as any other pertinent facts that will provide useful information to dancers who are interpreting them.

c) Going Beyond the Tradition

Various strands in the practice and presentation of Bharata Natya have emerged, particularly in the past two decades. While undertaking a survey in the ways the boundary of tradition has been pushed, it is hoped that the project will focus on the creative process through which these new directions have taken place. The project will also look at Imaginative ways in which going beyond the frontiers yields possibilities and potentials of having new careers using dance, and Bharata Natya in particular.
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