Board of Directors

Bhava Thamotharan

joined Kala Bharati as a young student, was serious about her dance studies and was involved in many of the activities such as fenêtre sur le monde, resource and documentation centre, school administration etc. Bhava was a part of the performing troupe and travelled with the group to perform, gave her Ranga Pravesha in 2000 and taught at the dance school as well.She is an active member of the Board of Directors of Kala Bharati and takes keen interest its affairs .

Jitendra Desai

has been a Director since inception of Kala Bharati. He is actively involved in the Indian community, and has taken particular interest in the area of Kala Bharati’s web development projects. His expertise in the field of IT has enabled Kala Bharati to undertake a giant step to revamp its website to make it more interactive and more user friendly. A loyal supporter, he has contributed to Kala Bharati in many of its important undertakings.

Mamata Niyogi Nakra

Founder-Artistic Director, her passion for dance has been the guiding force of the vision and success of Kala Bharati. Regarded as one of the internationally acclaimed disciples of Guru ji & Amma, she considers receiving the Maha Maya award from her Gurus, as one of the sixteen Gurus they honoured during their Golden Jubilee Celebrations in Aug.1992, as her most cherished moment.

Prasenjit Niyogi

one of the younger members of the Board of Directors, he adds a fresh perspective to the discussions and decisions at Kala Bharati. Based on his professional background in Management, he has been helpful in keeping Kala Bharati administrative matters streamlined and focussed. His expertise in IT related matters has been very helpful in our web development projects.

Renu Chitra

came to Kala Bharati as a student in the nineteen eighties, performed as a member of the Troupe went on to give a memorable  Ranga Pravesh, became part of the teaching staff and finally coming full circle as a member of the Board responsible for among other activities, the growth and development of espacedanse. Her association and long service to Kala Bharatai makes her an  invaluable and multifaceted person to further the legacy of this institution.

Seshagiri & Shaila Rao

The Rao couple based in Montreal, in the Kala Bharati Parivar. This hardworking pair have been founding members and been involved in the areas of administrative and hospitality aspects of the Kala Bharati operation. Sesha Giri’s contribution to fundraising has been outstanding and has enabled us to complete many of the important projects in the field of Dance and the Child. Always there to lend a hand whenever we needed help, Seshagiri has also been, for over 20 years, and continues to be, the Vice President with a remarkable record of service.

Usha Mukhedkar

has helped us over the years in the eighties and nineties, in an unusual capacity: looking into our international travel needs. She became one of the Directors recently and in this capacity has been a very energetic member of the Kala Bharati Parivar. Always ready with offer of help, she has been a regular contributor at the meetings, sharing her views and giving counsel with much enthusiasm.