"par la danse, rapprochement
et ouverture"

“There are people who see far, who see wide, who have a vast and generous vision of the world, a creative, dynamic vision.

There are people who find enthusiasm and energy in the richness of their vision and who conceive audacious, ambitious, multi-dimensional projects.

Some of these projects come and tap us on the shoulder as we lead our quiet lives, open new doors and guide us towards images, music, movements and ways that are foreign to our milieu and our culture. And we emerge from these encounters, sometimes questioning our Western perception of the world but often invigorated and stimulated by the contact with the forms, rhythms, values and traiditions from elsewhere.

An example of this spirit of creation, of openness and sharing, is the work that is being done withing the framework of the Kala Bharati Foundation, a non-profit organization established and directed by our colleague from the Department of Modern Languages, Mamata Niyogi-Nakra."

Lisette Girouard
Le Bulletin du Syndicat des professeur-e-s du Collège de Maisonneuve