Premola’s Corner

Premola Ghose

premola_faceA self taught artist and illustrator.  The central core of her paintings are a ‘gang’ of animals and in 1998  two books written and illustrated by her were published: Gang Tales from Ranthambhor andThe Bodhisattva and the Gang.  Recently she has written and illustrated : Tales of Historic Delhi (2011), The Magical Ride of Juley the Camel (2011) and Zero goes to Goa (2014).

Premola has illustrated several books and her illustrations have been published in magazines. She has also  done a portfolio of paintings on Rajasthan which was commissioned by the Government of Rajasthan. She has exhibited her paintings widely  in Delhi.

A recent book is : The Kangra Valley Train (Niyogi, 2016) written and illustrated by her with photographs by Ram Rahman.

Premola Ghose is currently Chief, Programme Division at the India International Centre, New Delhi

In 2001  she was decorated Dame in the civil merit honours list of the King of Spain


"Dance  belongs to all sentient beings who express it in their own way, be it a classical dancer or a peacock or a plant swaying in the wind.  Dance is freedom from stasis..."

Bula learning to dance

Bula learning to dance