January, 2017


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BULAADHAR is a painting by Premola Ghose of IIC, Delhi,  Celebrating Resonances in Cultural Diversity. This gift from  Premola  will serve as Kala Bharati logo for  activities related to building bridges to promote  goodwill and harmony through cultural activities. With hope and joy we look forward to bringing together people  from other cultures and  different...Read More


  Dance Colloque based on article written by Dr. Harbans Nakra: Bharata Natya Nritya, Nritta, and Natya (link to article) Comments received via E-mail Michel Laverdiere: Mamata asked me if I enjoyed Nritta as much as Nritya. Actually, I used a comparison with modern and contemporary art: many people will never understand anything to Jackson...Read More

Outside the Box Thinking on Dance

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  As part of the 375th anniversary celebrations of Montreal, I have set out to curate a series of discussions held at colloquiums Kala Bharati is having on Outside the Box Thinking on Dance. I am hoping this will enable us to come up with a born-in-Montreal perspective of the practice and presentation of local promoters...Read More


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The Bharata Natya that we practice today is actually a composite art made up of two separate art forms – NRITYA and NRITTA. Nritya in its early form was known as ABHINAYA. One day, in those long ago days, Lord Brahma saw Lord Shiva perform his dance. He was so pleased that he immediately asked...Read More