Shishu Sadhana: a child-friendly Bharata Natya repertoire

by mamata niyogi-nakra, Ph.D.


This book describes the creative process of a classical Bharata Natya repertoire created for children. It has been widely distributed and has received high praise for its innovative approach. Experts in India have acclaimed it as path breaking.

This was distributed free at the daCi conference in 2006 at The Hague and again in 2009 in at the conference in Jamaica.


  • Review by the principal dance critic of India’s prestigious newspaper The Hindu - Among the few efforts to create a corpus of items for children, Mamata-Niyogi Nakra's `Shishu Sadhana' is unique
  • Review by India’s best-known dance critic and scholar- Sunil Kothari in the online journal for Indian classical dance – Narthaki - Among my many dancer friends, Mamata Niyogi-Nakra, has devoted detailed and meticulous attention to dance training for children. She has put her thoughts in a book form with illustrations and she takes the reader gently into her creative journey, in reader friendly text. The book Shishu Sadhana and the DVD accompanying it has been a result of more than a quarter of a century’s involvement with teaching Bharata Natya in Montreal
  • Comments edited by the author - A group of seven Bharata Natya dancers trained at Kala Bharati and based in Montreal, were the first ones to view Shishu Sadhana. I thought it was fitting to share the first viewing of the items with them, as they are the custodians of the Kala Bharati tradition to whom Shishu Sadhana is being bequeathed. I was naturally, delighted to note the excitement in their voices when commenting on each of the items. Their positive and enthusiastic response was indeed reassuring