April, 2017

Shall we curate a garage sale?

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(Courtesy of “The Grammarphobia Blog”) Q: I’m sick of hearing the verb “curate” used loosely, as in “I’m going to curate my next garage sale … closet cleanout … laundry sorting.” AAUGH! (Forgive me, Charlie Brown.) Please do what you can to set these “curators” straight. A: Let’s start with the noun “curate,” a word...Read More

Natyanjali Speech – 19 March 2017

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Namaskar I have been off the radar from the Montreal dance scene for a while and this evening has been a wonderful way to reconnect with all of you. I am truly grateful to Deepa Nallapan, creative head of Param Nrithyalaya who has taken the initiative to organise Natyanjali , an Offering of Dance for...Read More