August, 2020

Ganesha Chaturthi Greetings

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Natyaangan has brought us in a virtual setting, assembled in a dance foyer, located somewhere in cyberspace. We offer our prayers to Lord Ganesha to help us work and grow with his blessings, so that we continue to experience the joy of dance in all its glory and splendour. In an act of daring, I...Read More

Countdown to …

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16th July is the date Kala Bharati was founded 39 years ago. Just spent Thursday, the 16th of July, doing exactly what Bans and I did every year, ever since 1981, which was to revisit moments, memories and mementos of our lives in alien soil with Kala Bharati, in as Bans would put it ‘ Ananda Bhava’. Our lives are dotted with these...Read More


Montreal, May 25th 2010 Dear friends, While in Kolkata I revaluated and reassessed so many aspects of the big city and Bengali culture during this past sojourn. It has been somewhat of a rediscovery and, possibly a discovery. Still, and this is the purpose of this letter, I want to focus on what, I see...Read More


Discussions on the transformational nature of the Guru-Shishya parampara tradition. The following note was prepared by Dr. Harbans Nakra as a personal perspective on the transformation of Bharata Natya during its renaissance period and the role of Mamata Niyogi-Nakra’s work at Kala Bharati (Montreal), in this transformation. As we prepared for our discussions today, I...Read More